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Solution Excavating solutions for all customers.

We have an outstanding reputation as experts in sanitary sewer rehabilitation and repair. Since 1997, we have expanded our services to offer an array of excavating solutions including; vacuum excavating, line boring, party sewer line separation, domestic water and fire lines, storm and sewer lines, pipe bursting, site work, catch basin maintenance, and concrete work.

Solution Oregon & Washington Excavation

Additionally, LOVETT is also your stop for projects that require design and consultation or site work. LOVETT excavation experts can work with you directly to come up with a plan for your next project.

We are well versed in the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations for concrete work and we also have a network of well-respected and reputable engineering firms that we work regularly with for larger projects.

Solution Design & Consultation

  • Utilities Design / Preparation
  • Installation
  • Public Works: Sewer / Drain / Water
  • Storm Water Facility Construction
  • Trenching Services
  • Vac-Truck Vacuum Services
  • Grading & Site Preparation
  • Demolition of Structures
  • Material Delivery & Removal
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