Directional Drilling

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Solution Drilling Solutions for Commercial, Industrial, Municipal, and Residential Customers.

We can install a new sewer, water, or power connection under a structure, road, parking lot, landscaped area, retaining wall, creek, or other obstacle without disturbing the surface. We have experience in all soil conditions, permitting processes, and utility regulations.

Solution Directional Drilling

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), also known as directional boring or line boring, is a trenchless technology that is a great alternative to open trenching.

This steerable method of conduit installation is an environmentally friendly option with added cost-savings benefits. This technology is used for the installation of sewer, water, drains, communications, driveway sleeves, geothermal lines, and power conduit and is useful in avoiding retaining walls, streams, landscaping, and road, highway, and railroad crossings. Rather than dig up landscaping or disturbing traffic patterns to install a new line, our experienced professionals are able to skillfully avoid these issues by drilling underneath objects. We are capable of drilling several thousand feet and our machines allow for a wide range of diameters, from .75” inches in excess of 24” inches.

Solution Recommended Applications for Directional Drilling

  • Water Service Installation
  • Power Conduit Installation (PGE Certified Installer)
  • Sewer Service Installation
  • Communication Line Installation
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