Water Service Installation

Your main water line runs underground from the street to your home and is the main supply of domestic potable water. Some symptoms of a main waterline that needs replacement are (but not limited to) unusually high water bills, wet spots in your landscape that never seem to dry up, and restricted water flow and discolored water.

LOVETT uses special equipment and up to date trench-less technology to replace your deteriorating and unreliable existing water supply line with long lasting, reliable and durable pipe. LOVETT prefers to use PEX –style, cross-linked polyethylene pipe or HDPE (high density polyethylene) pipe because of its proven track record for durability, reliability and longevity.

The replacement of an existing metallic water line with non-metallic piping may compromise the electrical grounding system on existing older building (built prior to 1975) if the metallic water line was used as the only source of grounding. Without a proper service ground, a short circuit may not trip the safety fuse or circuit breaker which could lead to appliance damage, fire or a serious electrical shock.

Luckily LOVETT’s full line of services allows our drill, electrical and plumbing divisions to work seamlessly in order to complete a water service installation project from beginning to end (including permitting) without the need for outside vendors. Once again passing the savings on to our customers!